Q: You said Baekhyun apologizing now would be too late as fans are already inconsolable on both sides. How is Taeyeon's recent actions at the airport being taken by her fans? Did it just make things worse?


She did it the right way, so that it would spread by word-of-mouth, from fan to fan. She could have done it online, a faceless, emotionless set of black and white pixels. She could have done it through the company as a corporate, legally safe statement.

She went back to the roots of why people fell for SNSD in the first place, the intimate, live performances for fans. She went to a fan, looked at them in the eyes and pleaded them to believe how she felt. There was nothing grand, nothing constructed… it was all personal and raw. Something that the media couldn’t readily pick up on, in contrast to the revelation of her secret life.

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